When the temperature reached 100+ heat index a couple of weeks ago, I asked my co-worker to help me figure out which of my photo sets to edit (He's a photographer too! Follow him on Instagram!). He smartly recommended something cold and refreshing and told me to stop being lazy at editing. Smart guy, that Andrew.

So I immediately thought of digging out my film from our trip to Amsterdam back in February of this year. I'm not sure if it's the power of suggestion or what, but editing the photos felt like a cool, refreshing project. Or maybe I was just experiencing heat delirium. Totally possible.


Anyway, we had a total blast exploring Amsterdam for the first time. The earliest spring bulbs were just starting to push up their shoots, and the days were so pleasant for going on brisk walks to sightsee, shop along the Nine Streets, and grab groceries at the Noordermarkt greenmarket. We stayed in an old house in the Jordaan, originally built in the 1600's as the home and storefront of a baker. We definitely found a whole lineup of favorite spots, in case you're interested:

  • Record Shopping: FleschWaxwellDistortion
  • Brown Cafes / Pubs: Cafe Chris, where Rembrandt used to take his pints. In De Wildeman for European beer connoisseurs.
  • Delicious Eats: Bar Brandstof for deliciously fresh salads and sandwiches.  MAZZO for hip Italian and pizzas. Salmuera for creative ceviche dishes and South American tapas. 5&33 for cocktails and fresh, inventive Mediterranean (Don't miss the rotating modern art exhibits in the basement gallery! I saw Milette Raat's wonderful solo show, and I guess Banksy is exhibiting now?!)
  • Fun Activities: Foam for modern photography in a lovingly restored modernist canal townhouse. Heineken Music Hall, where we got treated to our first Massive Attack show and some legendary acoustics.

And of course - the walking. I found Amsterdam INFINITELY beautiful with all its rings of canals. It was such a simple pleasure to take my camera out for walks and capture all the ways the sun lights up the city. The layout of the streets in the center city just begs to be wandered, as it's always a little unclear in which cardinal direction you're headed. Plus, all the exercise is good justification for why you definitely should stop and get some famous french fries. The alternative wouldn't have anything to do with all the coffeeshops, now would it?

All photographs shot with a Mamiya C330f twin lens reflex & Mamiya Sekor 80mm lens.